8 bits of bun

8 bits of bun

Last update:
September 17, 2021, 18:01


I made a new update format as you might notice: no more dates, just months, with every update coming around the week a new month starts.

The updates are written from old (top) to new (bottom) for the month.

First half:

I made a soundboard website for a streamer on one of my unused domains, which they said the like alot. (http://inaba.nl)

I also got some of my hand drawn artwork scanned and posted in section: Graphics > Artwork for others to see.

I also have been busy with redesigning the front panel for my Asus PC Case modding project.

Lastly the personal 100 hour hobby goal has been achieved end last month, and i am at roughly 105 hours so far.

Regarding my weight, it is dropping quite steadily still, and i am under 96 kilos as of begin this month.

I went to work a bit more on updating my website, mainly in these areas:

  • home > workspace - updated content
  • neater PHP code of my (still) w.i.p. plugin
  • projects - updating hobby goals and adding: plans and goals for the future
  • blips > yandere sim - removed page as it came off unprofessional
  • blips > my fave creators - added netorisenpai and changed some wonky text in there
  • projects > f.e. [game] - updated content a bit

Also, i found one particular thing very annoying to find out: how hard it is to downgrade a twitch subscription without losing a founders badge to someone. It's like nearly impossible. Though i managed to figure it out.

On the 11th i made some hours of progress in building my RTS on a existing base engine instead of making things from the ground up, as that was quite a failure to begin with. I'm glad i managed to find back the initial engine code i used for my very first RTS attempt (from around 2011) as i found it back somewhere.

As of the 14th i am picking some exercise again, as it's been quite a while (a bit over 6 weeks).

Second half:

The week after the 14th was quite low on productivity, which is fine, and i did some audio editing and website updating to my soundboard website (inaba.nl)

The 22th of october i got around to try CMSimple 5.1 and am getting ready to port my website over that that cmsimple version now. I also got a clear outline for what i want to achieve with my own website plugin (which still was more of a test for myself)

One might have noticed i updated my project goal to 148 hours done, as i just achieved that goal on the 22th.

Also i have picked up getting some exercise again for those curious.

The last few day of october i attended some VRChat's horrorcon events, mostly to meet some friends again in VRChat. was nice to hop in some more.

Also some minor website issues are being solved, and i am planning to update it's CMS soon.

Also i removed a page from my website (regarding the issues with my income), as i dont want to nag about such things in my native language on here (feels too out of place to me).

The page GM Studio 2 (in blips) also was way outdated and had some wrong findings it turns out, which i corrected by now as far as i could.

Anyhow, that would be it for the October update.

Bunbun out.