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8 bits of bun

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September 17, 2021, 18:01



So in short, i found out some annoying bugs in my php plugin code, not displaying things correctly, which i fixed.

But dang, are my PHP skills lacking nowadays.

Didn't gain as much weight as i was expecting (~2KG in december is ok to me), now to get rid of it again.

Also my laptop is more on the dead side than living right now, so i cannot wait for new laptops to get revealed at CES in almost a week from now. (Also hoping i can buy one a.s.a.p.)

Below is my merged post from january 9:

Happy to say i got some things looking nicer now on my website (though not perfect).

Revamped the follwoing sections:

  • Home
    • Workspace
    • Cosplay&events
  • F.E. [Game]
    • Updates

Other than that, i have all my desktop machines up on Linux distros now, but will leave laptop on Windows.

At least untill i get a new one and ditch the old laptop to my storage as it is being a undead anyway.

Furthermore, i will try to get to update my website more and manage my content a better way, as i find it a bit hassling to find things i made myself even.

Below is my merged post from january 15:

Since i have all my desktop machines on Linux distros, i happen to encounter some annoying issues on copatibilities for my gamedev project.

- No native method of compiling (can still use theVM option of GM Studio 2, if it were able to get network acess whch it has issues with through wine x64.

- Using a virtual machin is a no go either, as it needs to have OpenGL passthrough, which Vrtualbox does not have (only option would be using videocard passthrough, which support is removed of it due to being incomplete)

My only option right now is to use a Windows machine still. which i might end up doing with a remote desktop instance on it.

Now onto something else:

I went yesterday (Jan 14) with avoiding as much sugar as possible, only eating one apple for getting some natural sugars and avoiding the usual 'rest'.

Late in the evening it gave me so much energy i was not tired till 1AM midnight with a slight "sugar craving" mood, wich i managed to ignore. It also made me have really decent (shorter than usual - 8 vs. 11 hr) night rest going into today (Jan 15).

Quite surprised on how soon it had effect.

I am convinced: sugar is the root of most body-related evil.

 Below is my merged post from january 28:

So it happened that my Sony Z3 phone fell face own on a bathroom tile, making a end to the screen+digitizer.

I pulled the SD&SIM card out, put those in my old Nokia and killed the device in a near "perfect crime" manner:

My phone fell flat on it's face, cracking it's screen entirely.

(got out of hand with crack for those who love silly wordings).


Then after removing the SIM&SD cards i peeled it's shattered

glass digitizer off carefully (to not rip my skin).

Teared it's screen off, then bought it outside, laid it on some

concrete tiles...

Then i applied my flathead screwdriver a handfull of stabs

causing lots of shorts and some magic smoke escaping

from the battery (stabbed that part accidentally).

I then gave it a rinsing dumping a bucket of water over it.

I bet not even a god is able to recover any data off it now.


Lastly, i decided to package it divided in 2 sandwich bags

and toss it in the garbage after it got destroyed. :')


The garbage was picked up without notie the following day.

 Picture of it after the crackdown...

Taken with my laptop camera. :)

I am genuinely happy it happened, because it saves me a heavy addiction i had.