8 bits of bun

8 bits of bun

Last update:
September 17, 2021, 18:01


First half

I found out i did not update the 'last update' text on my november log, so i removed it, as november is over anyway.

Other than that i had unusual amounts of stress, and slowly getting through that period.

In case one has not noticed yet: i removed a page on GM Studio 2 on my site, and corrected some typos which i found.

As the days progressed, my body compensated the weight spike caused by the stress, and is back to normal now (16th of december)

I also went to play games more than usual (mostly VRChat though), so i had little time to work on my hobbies (and this site)

Also i made some sound effects which will be added to my sound page sometime. (one is added already in the Audio main page)

Second half

The second half i started backing up all my own bought video media to one of my hard disks.
Sadly this process is still going on as we speak, with 4 pieces of media each day, as i dont want to be busy all day waiting for the next media to be done.

I also started to work on some simple video edits, and i reached my 12 uploads target for the year to LBRY for my own media uploads.

As of the 16th i am merging the blogposts slowly into the new monthly recap format.
(also moved the issue of phantom sense to my Blips section)

I realized with this new log format stuff is so organized that i can extend the 3 years of logs saved to 5 years without it starting to look too messy in my opinion. which i might do for 2019 and 2018 (i did so for 2020 the very least)

I also had a blast at a VRChat community event (HDS expo) and published some content on it on LBRY and Twitter as i found some small ideas.

I also added and changed/update stuff on another site (huggi-dungeon.wiki) of mine since the HDS expo (as that site is related to it)

On the xmas days i was fiddling out what it takes to run my first windows game  in a minimal install of manjaro linux. Turns out very little was needed, just a basic virtual machine (as test environment), with 2 cpu threads of my ryzen 2600, 1.5gb of ram, a 20gb storage size seemingly are enough for the hardware side. Not even any graphics accelleration is needed apparently for the virtual machine.

For software on the vitrual machine, i just installed wine and winetricks on the updated manjaro install, with all the 32bit wine packages it gave me to select. No further configuration was needed, and i justran the autorun.exe from the game and install it and play it.

This is such a simple process i might even try it on a Raspberry pi 400 with box86+wine the coming year.

I also removed my goals for projects and personal stuff as it feels a bit amateuristic in my eyes keeping it up. And i assume for those who still want to see it, the internet archive website exists?