8 bits of bun

8 bits of bun

Last update:
September 17, 2021, 18:01


First half

As the new month started i noticed a small bug in my work in progress website plugin, which is identified, and is getting patched soon.

I changed alot of info on the Projects main page to be more representative to make my intents period based, not year based, which i find is not the way i should tackle things. Now i only have current/future as goal periods.

I also made a spooky background audio thing as test as i want to expand my producer skills into more areas. (the sound can be found on my LBRY page (link is in the contact page)

Im also doing some minor 3D modelling the past days, but i for sure need to get the hang of blender sometime, and while i am at it, get to know how unity works in workflow.

On the night from the 7th to the 8th i updated the website's graphics page on here as i added some wallpapers i made.

The week after it was getting 30 hours of playtime in vrchat, without much productivity at all.

Second half

As november progressed further, i kinda felt like an eed to pause most of my hobbies.

That luckily did not mean i stopped my hobbies, i just took it easier.

For instance i installed Manjaro Linux on my work/dev pc to test some things, like: VRChat compability on Valve proton 5 (still video player issue, but thats the only issue i encountered)

So for those minor things (no full Unity SDK, VRChat video player, GM Studio 2) i still keep my main PC away from Manjaro Linux for now.

Also my laptop charger broke, so i had to order a replacement as those things are near impossible to open to fix without destroying them sadly. (which is stupid in my opinion)

On Tuesday the 17th i started to attend VRChat firness /exercise/yoga groups. which makes me kill time, burn calories and get healthier in my own tempo. My personal goal is to attend 3x a week as those sessions take well over an hour generally.


As a sidenote: i will be attending a December cosplay competition regarding the Roflgator online community, i cannot reveal more than that yet, but more info will come over time.