8 bits of bun

8 bits of bun

Last update:
September 17, 2021, 18:01


So i tried setting up a samba fileserver on my Manjaro Linux workplace pc. after 2 full attempts i was frustrated. But then i realized i didn't add my user to the sharing group. Whch i did, and now it works as i want, but it made me feel so dumb.

I also figured some media on some pags was not working at all (content not found), so i fixxed that (forgot after re-organizing media).

Other that that i am getting out of the happy and active swing it seems, though getting that fileserver working lifted me up for now. :)

On a more positive note: i went to a concert of "The HU" on february 5th, if i had to recap it: speechless, so beautifull and good ive performance. 

makes me think:

It could be to me not used to so much interactions that the concert depleted my energy? I don't know yet, but it might be possible.

Once my energy and happiness is restored more, i will try to get bck to things (including me going to Nurdspace more often).

That's it for this update. Hoppy one out.