8 bits of bun

8 bits of bun

Last update:
September 17, 2021, 18:01


So i went back to VRChat after taking some time off, which i needed again to socialize again, and discovered some more awesome communites there (also new friends).

I added a rant on the drama regarding the Yandere Simulator game, which is just plain weird on how it's handled in my eyes.

I also removed some items from my website:

  • Rants/bun's prediction: was a bit like Moore's law but with 3D silicon packaging/stacking
  • Rants/bare minimum OS concept: felt like removing it, as it was too small of a thing to keep the page online
  • Contact info/soundcloud: as i have my music on here anyway (completely removed soundcloud mind you)

And for the todo-list (more a reminder for myself):

  • Uploading the house model screens i made of my own village.
  • Make a mobile web theme which is needed for sure.

Below is my merged post from the last day of july:

Now my vrchat adventures are going on nicely, i found some small things i had to adjust my website to, including:

  • updating contact info.
  • removing the planned 2020 anime convention.*

Aside from that i cancelled my Valve Index VR headset order for the time being due to some things going on, causing me to not need it in those 6 weeks of waiting (need to upgrade my pc first, so saving for that as higher priority now).

Also i have cancelled my france vacation aswell.*

 * = reason: pandemic.