8 bits of bun

8 bits of bun

Last update:
September 17, 2021, 18:01


I did some things regarding my projects.

First would be that i created a fansite for the VRChat map series called "Huggi Dungeon". While it is still a work in progress, i am quite happy with it so far. (it will be linked in projects once finalized enough)

Secondly, i added a simple calculator for home cinema volume levels in movies, which determines if your audio setup has enough volume for a good cinamatic experience (volume wise)

Lastly, i added another remake of a song i worked on a bit (was a work in progress and was sitting still for years now), which is in the audio section. It's a remake of the song: brennan heart - we come and go.

With that being it for productivity this update, i still have to tackle some other things:

My weight is steadily going down still, which i am happy for.

I am very unhappy with my initial take on this pandemic (posted on my LBRY, see: contact me), so i want to make a update to that. Though, sadly for me are even stricter measures than the average citizen (circumstances), which i don't feel fine with. So let me put it out now: If the country applies for loosening more before or on the 1st of September 2020, but i still cannot have someone over my floor/can go to my dador mom for a weekend: I will take my own path regarding that (with the by the time counting government ruling in mind, not the stricter ones for me).

This somehow reminded me i got some more work done regarding finalizing one of my CMSimple plugins: Hoping for a release before the end of the year.

Below s my nerged logbook post from june 29:


Right now i am a bit clueless with what i want to do regarding things like:
Content creation for LBRY, my websites, development and the like.

Though, i am glad i keep my activity with stuff like sit-ups going as it keeps me somewhat active for now.
I keep doing so to get rid of excessive energy most days, but not to gain muscle tissue or something.

For sure i need to focus on what i want to do again, to not lose sight of the right track for me.
But right now i am doing a small thing to keep my mind on projects, and that is: writing down all projects i came up with overtime and still remember.
With the exception on that each one must be a realistic project to me
For example: not going full linux again short term, but do it slowly