8 bits of bun

8 bits of bun

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September 17, 2021, 18:01


I have quite some different kind of projects going on in different categories,which i all love to work on.
Though this means i need to divide my time and work with tight budgets, which isn't a real issue, it just slows progress down.
I have seperated my projects in different categories in hope for them to be a bit organized (planned, ongoing, halted & supporting).

Most of my projects are regarding my main hobbies (audio, pc's & some development), so it's rare to see something else popping in there.

Where i started with mostly embedded programming years ago, i now spend my most time learning video editing.
Website making/mainentance is more of a priority now aswell, which wasnt the case either years ago.

Some examples of my projects:
MiniBoom 3D
Portable 3D printed speaker
Single page website
simply is a confirmation you are cute.
Asus Vento TM811
PC case design for modding
3D printed micro speakers
With passive radiators.