8 bits of bun

8 bits of bun

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September 17, 2021, 18:01


So yeah, i found some motivation to work on my game project, worked on it for some hours to find out it has even more bugs than i wanted.

When does it go to plan regarding my game? I don't know really.

All i do know is that content updating on here is going nicely now, my own website plugins got a decent revision.

Then the fact i can't go out as much with this pandemic, for which i am now doing sit-ups for 9 days already, which i didn't think i'd do at all, but here i am with 40+ situps average per day.

Crazy times bring crazy adaptations with them i guess?

Below is my merged post from april 25:

If you wondered why i haven't updated much on my logbook, well... there have been things going on.

As the world got into a lock-down basically with the pandemic, one of my buddies ended his life a bit ago (which is all i want to say on that really). 

Now, for mysel i am doing fine, just busy adapting myself to being more in, and doing things like weigth lifiting, sit ups and the like for over 30 days now.

I feel my belly muscles tighten up, and my weight stays around the same, which to me translates i'm on a equal to intake versus burning, but transform body fat into muscles slowly, which is good long term if  i keep this up.

Also, i didn't really feel like sharing that yet, as i wanted to break the 30 day barrier first.

These times i see myself supporting others through donations as well more than usual, which i don't really mind.

Below is my merged post from april 29:

So i am planning to fill in my time a bit more efficient, with working on a mobile version of my website theme for phone/small tablet users.

Secondly, i added a 3D PC case design which mostly matches with a Sliger Ceberus case, just to my additions.
Purely to see which aspects i need to design a pc case to be 3D printed the most efficient, though i most likely won't print it.

Also my sleep pattern seems to be suffering a bit somehow, having lots of energy during some nights.
Might be because i am getting used to more excercise? I'm not sure though.

Also with easter i touched 100KG again, and am slowly losing weight since again (around one KG since easter already).
Pretty sure the regain of myself is thanks to my (near) daily excercises burning more from more muscle mass.