8 bits of bun

8 bits of bun

Last update:
September 17, 2021, 18:01


First half

So i had such a feelings-rollercoaster watching one of my fave streamers play mogeko castle, it tired me out.
Luckily was alot of fun too and interacting with the streamer and their team doing voice overs.
It got me to dive into that game a bit aswell.

And since i have been slacking with exercise the past 2 weeks, i am picking it up again, and having new weights to train with. (i had only a 2kg one, but now i have a modular improvised weight aswell, with currently 6kg of mass to it)

Also, i changed section Rants to Blips, and added "My fave creators" in there as shoutout to some awesome people who keep me motivated.

Second half

i made some weird choices, causing me to cancel my Valve Index VR set order.
The pricetag to go for VR is just too much for now for the little amount of games (and playtime) i'm looking for.
This doesnt mean i will rule it out forever, but for the coming time i won't be getting a VR set.

Though, having to make that choice made me get in a slight downward spiral regarding mood, which i think has hit it's lowest point now (luckily not as bad as the earlier one), maybe thanks to me having less difficulty to write it off (like now) to clear my mind.

In more positive news i resumed drawing in may this year after nearly 9 years of being inactive with any drawing (traditional pencil/paper).

Also, i noticed some weird software behaviour on my laptop lately. everytime i plug in my external SSD, there is a console.log written to it with something mentioning "munchkin.js". i seriously wonder which application does that. I also didn't notice any other weird stuff yet, even doing scans and checking my firewall/services and such doesn't reveal anything worrying. I do not care that much on it for now to be honest, as i will be switching laptops sometime soon anyway. (current laptop is slowly dying)

In short, the goal of saving for a VR set has moved to getting a scanner (to scan my artwork), a better microphone arm for my desk (current one is based on a modded 25 year old document holder), and some other stuff.

Below of my august 30 post, but merged:

So far i did get around to fix some things on my site, add content and what not, and now i am finally getting around to make a post about it.

The list in a nutshell:

  • Initial mobile theme making: done
  • Fix some images on website: done
  • Updating old goals on projects page projects: done
  • Add a seperate for smaller than laptop screens (like tablets): done
  • Put up info on my Asus Vento PC casemod in projects: done
  • Fix some unneeded file handling on my own cmsimple plugin that is still a work-in-progress: done

With these days being rather productive, i feel more joy flowing through my mind, which is good.

And the tiredness i had lately seems to be fading away nicely with it aswell.