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8 bits of bun

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September 17, 2021, 18:01


So recently i made the switch away from windows, wanting to move my last piece of development software to a open source linux option. That didn't go to plan sadly, a bit of a steep adaptation curve makes me sitch back to Windos for one device for the time being.

Aside from that, i like how my current running Linux distros (Manjaro & Kubuntu) are better than my memories tell me of a decade ago when i ran ubuntu 10.04 upto 12.04 as daily platforms. Yes Linux distros have matured alot. Though, it's nowhere perfect yet, but neither is Windows or Mac OS.

I have been away for about a month on here, as i needed to recover from real life things (emotionally), so that' why i did not mnage to get anything productive done.

Though today i woke up with lots of motiation to work on my game project again, just need to getone device back to windows for that to happen.

There are some interesting things happening with my health too, mainly me quitting honey in my tea and sugar in coffee, which idn't make much of a difference weight wise, but i see a difference in the amount of sleep i take daily: from 11hr/day to 8hr a day, so i can do more things i want.

Below is my merges post from late march:

So as some might notice, not just my theme got a big overhaul, buti simplified some things as well, like content placing. as result some content had to suffer for that though.

Sidenote: i removed the mobile layout for a little bit as i need to recreate that portion still for my template.

It's me looking forward to the future and positive side effect of not really going out with the current situation involving humans on earth.

Aside from that, i really hope i can find some motivation back for working on my game a.s.a.p. though