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Scythe kro craft rev b (1100)


Out of the factory i have a love/hate mindset about these. the low end response is very good, but the high end makes me cringe.

For living rooms it's ok, for studio usage not so, there's alot of tweeter phase issues with the woofer, and there's a huge bump at 10khz.

The wood is nicely finished, lots of damping the inside to reduce reflextions, and the t-lne enclosure design, which translates to the good low end response, espeically for such small speakers.

But out of the box those highs are no, just no. especially when producing music, it's just not good at all.

Don't get me wrong, i like the speakers, but they do need mods! (look up the "Kro craft mod MK1" for the crossover mod i applied)

Thinking further

What makes me wonder: why didn't Scythe design a real crossover instead of just putting one capacitor in front of the tweeter?

The extra costs would be minimal per pair, maybe going from 50$ msrp to 55$ msrp, but this would mean they're way more tonally balanced, having even more value for money for studio monitors and hifi usage.

I must honestly say: these speakers (once modded) 'beat' all of my tower speakers i have built to date.

  • smooth lows
  • well dampened
  • enough output to serve as larger bookshelf speakers in mid sized rooms (around 25m²)
  • pricetag(!)
  • Enclosure finish
  • Rich sound, for a small package.
  • can handle more input power than claimed (perfect pair with my modded Renkforce MP2000)

  • T-line port ends on rearside, keep them preferably more than 2ft (60cm) away from walls.
  • Cringy crossover makes many hifi enthusiasts cry.
  • Need a subwoofer for more output in larger rooms (limiting factor: xmax of the midwoofer)
  • Needs dampening feet (need to buy seperately)

Final words:

If you can find a pair and wanna try them: BUY! don't hestitate.
And if possible, modify the crossover (or let it do by someone), it's really worth it.