8 bits of bun

Rusted Warfare RTS

I am gonna be straight to my findings after 10hr in this game, without much side talk.

The good
  • gameplay (nicely fast)
  • native linux support, making a switch from windows easier for me in the future
  • system requirements, whivh are super low
  • easy to understand
  • free android demo reafy to try
  • fast load times, even from a old 5400rpm hdd
  • gameplay gets you hooked easily
  • nice official discird server with good game support
  • would love to pay double when some thing in "the bad" are being tackled

The bad
  • pathfinding is meh
  • in order to make decent mods you need some tutorials, which are still rare to come by
  • graphics could be uplifted with layered sprites for example
  • slightly unbalanced
  • only one resource by default, making resource management too easy
  • I think without going multiplayer it will get boring rather fast

The scoreboard
  • Community/platform support: 5/5
  • Gameplay: 3/5
  • Graphics: 2/5
  • Expandability: 4/5
  • Polishedness: 4/5
  • Value: 4/5

End score: 7.2/10


My personal list of suggestions to the devs:

  • make resource storages, which upon destroy decrease by tge amount stored
  • allow multiple sprite draws relative to unit's coords (like a unit shadow has)
  • allow custom fps limiter down to 30hz instead of "vsync" only
  • some basic tuts for mods, unit animations/effects and the like.
  • make one uniform way of dealing with mod vars, now it is a mixture of these styles: copyFrom & copy_from, which can be annoying
  • dont crash the game when a unexpected ini var is seen at a section, but instead show a warning like: "skipped unexpected var <varname> in section <section>, logged this event."