8 bits of bun

Kubuntu 19.10


So i went on and installed Kubuntu 19.10 on my home theater computer. Was rather easy to do (setup process didn't change much since when i lastly used a debian/ubuntu based Linux OS back in 2010 to 2012.

First findings: Much simpler and intuitive to me than the Ubuntu interface is. It's why i reccommend Kubuntu to those who want to move to a stable Linux based flavor, and have a similar experience to windows 7 in user interface.

The home theater computer that is running it has these specs: 8GB ddr4 2666 (single channel, makes later upgrades easier with just 2 slots on mainboard), AMD Athlon 200GE (with integrated graphics portion), and used a 128GB Kingston A400 SSD in M.2 format.

It surprises me how this machine flies with just so little hardware specs in Linux native applications.

Could be better - list

Not much really. there are some minor things that i love to see changed (none to do with the kernel though)

  • Ability to just download install packages through the software manager (so, a "download installer" next to the "Install" button in the software manager, for backup reasons), makes things easier

Yes this is the only thing i love to see changed really. other things are so minor it's not worth mentioning here.

Not even talking on Wine here, because that would lose my focus on the OS

Done right - list
  • Fast and little RAM/CPU usage
  • Driver support for most modern device types.
  • Disk usage with minimal install is very small (around 5GB).
  • Generally more secure (less end user base: less attractive for hackers)
  • It's free!

Final word:

Final scores (based upon one day of experience on 13 march 2020):

As hobby OS: 10/10

As daily OS: 8/10

Featureset: 8/10

Overall: 8.5/10