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Kolibri OS


So i went on and installed Kolibri OS in a virtual machine on my laptop with their provided manual on their wiki. Gotta love the amount of details and screenshots they provided for making it work.

First findings: super fast and very little system resources needed!

I configured my VM with 24MB RAM and 4MB VRAM, works like a charm, and boots from the floppy(!) image in around 5 seconds from the moment the VM window appears. In the OS i opened up system monitor and 50% RAM is consumed, meaning i overcalulated the RAM apparently?

I did shut the VM down and reduced the RAM to 16MB, but this gave me no background anymore, so yeah, 24MB is the minimum with a 1024x768 resolution.

Could be better - list

This list is (aside from ARM support) not hard to implement (based on what the devs achieved already):

  • Easier storage management like add a live install option in the bootup screen
  • ARM arch support (would be hard to achieve sadly.)
  • Multiple screen resolutions
  • Option to bypass the startup dialog to speed up boot times even more.
  • A modern browser added by default, one that supports images and such.
  • One app to show system info, running processes and power statistics (instead of multiple apps)
  • A bootup password prompt with encrypted filesystem would be nice to have
  • EFI support lacks

If these things are there: it would be a big step towards feeling like a real OS instead of maker OS.

Done right - list
  • Faster than a minimal linux kernel OS.
  • Snappier and less OS lag than any OS i ever tried.
  • Needs 1.44MB storage to run (3.5" Floppy for example)
  • Works on really old systems (basically any x86 cpu released after 1995)
  • Only consumes around 12MB when booted
  • The OS is quite stable out of the box
  • One has full system control
  • It's free!

Final word:

Final scores (based upon one day of experience on 15 april 2018):

As hobby OS: 9/10

As daily OS: 5/10

Featureset: 7/10

Overall: 7/10