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AMD Ryzen 7 1700x


YES! AMD is starting to push back for marketshare!

Not that i am a AMD fan in particular, i jyust want market shares to be around the equal mark, as this forces companies to innovate, which can be seen as from 2017.


With all respect, If i see Jim Keller, i'd bow to him and the AMD team.

Introducing a true 8 core cpu with 16 threads, where the 'main competition' is still only quad core for mainstream desktops at the introduction time, with that instruction execution speed boost and such, who won't call that epic?

Well, turns out that was just the start,it seems.

Single thread the performance isn't on par with the first gen Ryzen cpu's, but multi thread it destroys the competition.

Hidden efficiency

When one undervolts a Ryzen cpu (and disabling the boost clocks and such), one can find it is very efficient, my 1700x for example:

around 80W power draw on all cores at stock speed (3.4ghz) with bios settings: turbo bisabled, 1.125Vcore & LLC1

In fact, it is more efficient than the competition, though sadly AMD pushed the design process node to it's limits to compete at clockspeeds as well (understandable, but increases power draw)

Future with my 1700x:

I once said that i wanna upgrade my 1700x for something with more cores, but i ended up selling it a few months after (overkill is a thing).

I don't even have use for my current core amount aside from a CAD render and DAW sometimes.

This to me proves we've been on 4 processor cores for too long and software needs to adapt.

My recommendation score: 90% (as of late 2017)

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