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AMD Ryzen 5 2600


Second gen AMD Ryzen based CPU's using the Zen+ x86-64 micro architecture.

Very decent priced for the performance.


I don't know how to feel on this, but it destroys my old 1700x in efficiency by quite a bit, which is good, but also made me edit my 1700x review go a bit down.

The Ryzen 2600 i have clocks decent out of the box, with the modest IPC uplift of Zen+ on this cpu over Zen (ryzen 1xxx).

The RAM i had couldn't get past 3000 MHZ on my Ryzen 1700x, but can get to the xmp profile of 3200 MHZ stable on my Ryzen 2600 (with tighter timings too!), which i like.

In benchmarks the ryzen 2600 scores decent, but in my DAW (FL Studio) it seems a bit of a odball: I had to disable SMT for like 10% less load in my DAW (so less chance of buffer underruns). This might be a slightly annoying thing going forward: Only allowing my DAW to use 1 thread per core (can be done by setting CPU affinity though).


Future plans with my Ryzen 2600:

Realisticly, when i upgrade my system to a newer chip, i might use this setup for a NAS/VM server/CPU render node or something.

It is powerfull enough to do 2 out of those items simultanous in my eyes, even with estimated my planned workloads in a few years

My rating: 8.5/10 (as of late 2019 and based on a market price of 110€)