8 bits of bun

Tips for collaborating

I have come across several issues with my past when collaborating with others and want to share my tips regarding that:

  1. Make a deadline for things involving money by paypal (example: 120 days for a pcb design)
  2. Make sure to pay (if using paypal) to select you're paying for services or goods and put the deadline in the notes/comment field when paying, because if someone slacks too much or doesn't deliver the said thing, you can open a dispute to get money back.
  3. Non money related things (like freelance programming) don't really need a tight deadline, as it can mess up teamwork, or divide people and projects.
  4. Make realistic goals, make a plan and execute it step by step, or assign each part to the people with the most fitting task for them.
  5. Don't expect to make money at all, so a good buffer for your project is recommended.
  6. Make sure to create a group chat with everyone (or at least one person from every divided part) in it, like a seperate discord server, makes it easier to communicate between people and get evrything lined up correctly
  7. One person can have so many ideas, though with multiple people, there are multiple opinions, it's a task of everyone to find the perfect balance in everyone's opinions.