8 bits of bun

Future of GM studio 2

This is going to be a short thought, and sparkled from recent PC innovations.

Basically GM studio needs to be more flexible to game developers, here's why:

1) The GML language is limiting in terms of what a user can do. try to get a GM function pointer to pass to a DLL.

2) There is no native way to add game mods (aside from third party DLL files) to games.

3) as multicore CPU's become more relevant, so does the ability to utilize those. sadly GM studio does not allow this oit of the box (DLL files are needed, and try to pass a GML function to the DLL so you dont have to recode the function again)

4) The IDE of GM studio 2 feels pretty clunky and a bit annoying to me compared to Notepad++ or Visual studio for example.

5) Regarding the YYC, i think for the build arch there should be the option to compile natively for ARM as well (I mean, Microsoft is puahing Windows on ARM for a reason)


This is far from burning GM studio to the ground, but i hope to spread awareness to the Yoyogames team, who expand the GM studio IDE.