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A overall well thought & designed V.O.I.P. (voice over IP) phone that makes me smile.

Awesome, open & hacker-friendly.

I would describe the Wiphone in those words.

Initial impressions (hardware)

Upon receiving my beta test unit, the build quality

of the machined aluminium frame felt much more

sturdy than any modern phone, which i love.

It also feels like it is a way more rugged phone

than many older phones.

The buttons feel either a bit responsive, or not

responsive at all in my beta unit, which is a

confirmed alignment bug in the hardware and

will be solved in production runs.

The phone's size is a bit bigger than a old Nokia,

which can be practical for people with big hands.

Luckily it also isn't too large for people with small

hands. Buttons feel small in my opinion though.

Initial impressions (software)

The power cycle is like one of those old phones,

which is good and convenient.

The firmware it shipped with boots rather fast
(around 4 secs in total).

The interface is clear, and simplistic in design,

making it way more easy to get used with than

smartphones nowadays.

Since my software is still in beta, i cannot say

much on how it performs compared to a more

modern revision. Neither can i predict what the

configurability will be in the end.

Diving further

Now, i have to honestly admit,
it isn't all sunshine and rainbows (for now).

Some improvements can be a issue for people,
like: using SIP over GSM,
less connected range
(due to wifi having a smaller radius),
but i think that is a big change for people (like me)
to become less phone addicted and looking at your
screen in public.

Added 14 sept 2019:
updating of my beta unit is a hassle still, but
got it working using esp32 download tool:

Worth it?

To be honest, i'd say defenitely, as you need to think of
the Wiphone as a good option for multiple areas
(mentioned above), and you need to look at the ability it
gives you as a package, not as a device.

The firmware has just as much potential as the hardware,
while the firmware is free. To put it into a different perspective:
Linux is also free, but still needs alot of funding to make it happen.

I'd say: if people are willing to spend over 500 bucks for a phone
(+monthly data plan) that's nothing but a addiction in the end:
the Wiphone with a free SIP number at around 100$ is a great
way to start moving away from you addiction. It really is.

Final words

I rate the wiphone in these categories:

Interface: 8/10

Expandability: 8/10

Hardware: 7/10

Support (for my unit): 9/10

Overall: 8/10

Scores can go up if some issues are fixed.

I guess that's why i am a beta tester after all.


WiPhone: Kickstarter link
Expandable ESP32 WiFi phone
you own and mainly aimed at tinkerers.

A pre production WiPhone:
The phone's menu interface:
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