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YA-50WR receiver

This receiver concept started as a enhanced Renkforce MP-2000 amplifier of 2x 100 (claimed) amplifier.

However, i measured 45w in stereo RMS unclipped, and wanted to see how i can improve these values, and get lower thermals.

The solution started with a simple capacitor increase (2x4700UF 35V to 2x6800UF, 50V)

I wanted to apply a speaker protection circuit too in case something goes wrong, and add more inputs, swap out the heatsink for a better one, add a dsp with tft screen, radio antenna, ect, ect...

Simply speaking: i only wanted to keep the enclosure and amplifier board.

Realizing this would be very expensive, i simply decided to make my own receiver, this way i could add multiple channels and outputs.

why the name? simple: Yet Another 50 Watt Receiver (YA-50WR for short)

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