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Rabbit's pride speakers


The Rabbit's pride floorstanding speakers, mainly aimed at to replace my B&W DM603 S3 speakers at some point and match my HT.

Initial the name of these speakers were "Blue monday" because i had so much troubles with this design (sadly i still have).

But i am proud of it as it shows how far i came with so many obstacles. hence why i changed the name to "Rabbit's Pride".

Right now i am planning on redesigning the speaker crossovers with a different look and trying new things, instead of doing everything according to pc simulators, math and calculators.

Additional notes:

I used 22mm MDF for the test enclosure, and the woofer has around 23L front loaded t-line enclosure tuned at ~28hz . the 4" fullrange has ~7 liters closed to play in, and the tweeter is in a 3D printed addon. I also applied 2 sheets of polyester filling for the dampening inside, shared between the woofer and midrange cabinet.

Current state:

Waiting for enough budget to order new xover parts and pcb to finish the concept design. (need over 350€ for the components for both speakers).

Then the next step is to recreate the enclosures. I will give the old ones away sometime.

Small render about the (final) enclosure:

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