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This is a custom device and uses a 320x240px screen, has 64k of RAM, 256k of ROM, and up to 120MHZ of cpu cycles.

It will have the basics of a simple PDA in a small development package (including screen, battery, teensy 3.2 (with RTC), SD slot and power management on one small pcb)


In here are some details of the underlying software framework i am working on for the device.

It's concept is based upon the Microtouch framework combined with a custom graphics interface, ported to be used with the Arduino IDE.

The goals

  1. Simple to use
  2. Easy to port and adapt
  3. Simple hardware integration
  4. Arduino IDE support
  5. Easy to write 'apps'
  6. Initial support for at least the widely popular Teensy 3.6 devices

The result is this project.

How it works

A very basic explaination would be: it is working on the core of the Microtouch framework ( look it up! it is very cool! :D )

Stripped down and reworked to enhance it's core, making it threaded, adding app offline storage for each app when the app is closed, better graphics support and some code speedups.

Though: this will remove the simulator most likely and increased the flash and ram sizes by a factor 5 or more (i hope to make it fit in 64k of RAM)

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