8 bits of bun

F.E. [game]

RTS game intended to relive the older real time strategy games.

Part of it is secret for now for all kinds of reasons, including: full game name, gameplay elements & story line.

What i can give away is that is it is a classic themed, somewhat post apocalyptic game with some sci-fi elements, with a semi-realistic story for the main campaign.

What gets me to make it happen (and keep working on it)
Design wise:

My ideal mix of classic RTS games.

Including, but not limited to:

  • Rusted Warfare
  • Total annihilation
  • Dune 2000
  • Ancient Conquest
  • Command & Conquer series
  • Supreme Commander
Inspiration & motivation

A mix of the following:

  • To train my programming
  • To give a work of my own
    to others to enjoy
  • To spread awareness
    by the campaign (it's plot can be
    a possible future for humanity)
  • Killing free time

What are the goals?
  • Stable, decent core mechanics
  • Runs on most home pc's
  • Has a decent built in campaign
  • Not much modularity
  • Decent gameplay
  • Moderate in config options
  • Windows 10 only


Later on
  • Stable, decent and modular implementation
  • Still runs on most home pc's
  • Has a decent pre made campaign/skirmish missions
  • Ability for custom assets like units, maps and music
    and the option to create these easily
  • Quite some config options
  • Windows 10 or Linux
    Debian based: native, others: Wine.


Impression of first concept.

Long outdated, but still shows some concept elements.

Updates and plans

Updates are also shared on the open LBRY media platform in video form at times on my LBRY channel: 8bit-bun

So far some videos are up, and i try to make a monthly update video.

  • Add: 'engineer' unit
  • Add: building creation through engineer
  • Add: bare minimum ai code
  • Add: unit factory
  • Add: resource system
  • Fix: make selection working with mapview move
  • Show: periodic update videos on LBRY
  • Plan: settle on gameconfig vars needed
  • Goal: more development time
  • Add: lightweight pathfinding (concept + idea worked out in my head)
  • Add: basic unit commands
  • Add: unit movement through player controller
  • Fix: minimap select/drag bug issue
  • Fix: boundary issues with map width/height on move
  • Enhance: more dynamic HUD
  • Enhance: optimize core implementation further
  • Fix: Investigating what went wrong in H1 2019 & learning from it.
  • Fix: fixing interface bugs
  • Enhance: optimizing draw routines
  • Enhance: improve core implementation
  • Add: Initial drawcode
  • Add: basic HUD interface
  • Add 2.5D drawcode
  • Plan: for gameplay elements
  • Plan: total list for initial release