8 bits of bun


Ongoing, planned, or temporary paused projects of mine can be found in here.

Ranging from 3D CAD designs to Games, where some progress faster than others.

The project list for 2020:
  • Second half of the year: begin looking for a new laptop as my current one might begin to get more issues slowly.
  • Get my work in progress CMS plugins to be 'ready enough' to publish them freely.
  • Small living room update, making it feel more 'house-like'.
  • Home cinema recabling (incl 60meter of new speaker cable, and banana plugs). DONE!
  • Try to get one update video on LBRY for my RTS game each month.

The personal list for 2020:
  • Reducing phone time from 4-5hr/day to 1-2hr (including switching to my dumbphone again)
  • Switching away from most big media companies where i can.
  • Try to lose more weight (to around 95kg?)
  • Get more productive for my hobbies (10hr/month goal = 120hr total)
    Cause of not being that productive identified: my smartphone
  • Trying to go going outside again more often, while making myself more confident in things and doing stuff.

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