8 bits of bun


I have quite some different kind of projects going on in different categories,which i all love to work on.

Though this means i need to divide my time and work with tight budgets, which isn't a real issue, it just slows progress down.

I have seperated my projects in different categories in hope for them to be a bit organized (planned, ongoing, halted & supporting).

Most of my projects are regarding my main hobbies (audio, pc's & some development), so it's rare to see something else popping in there.



Wiki style website of the "Huggi dungeon series"


Certified cutie checker

Hobby related
  • Look for a new laptop as my current one might begin to get more issues slowly. - In progress
    Minimum: AMD 4300U, dedicated video chip (1050 class perf), 8GB RAM & 256GB SSD
  • Get my work in progress CMS plugins to be 'ready enough' to publish them freely. - In progress
  • Living room update, making it feel more 'house-like'.  - Rescheduled for later in my life
  • Home cinema recabling (incl 60meter of new speaker cable, and banana plugs). DONE!
  • Try to get periodic content pieces out on LBRY. (8 out of the planned 12 are done)


Personal related
  • Reducing phone time from 4-5hr/day to 1-2hr. DONE!
  • Switch away from most big media platforms where i can.
    WhatsApp DONE!
  • Switch all my PC's but my gaming PC to a Linux based operating system. - In progress (need to move laptop to linux again)
  • Try to lose more weight - In progress
  • Get more productive towards my hobbies (~75 hr out of the planned 100hr finished now)
  • Becoming more healthy - In progress