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Home cinema


  • Marantz SR7010 (including Auro3D upgrade)
  • B&W DM603 S3 frontspeakers
  • DIY surround & top speakers
  • DIY powered subwoofer that hits as low as 14HZ
  • Behringer FBQ2496 subwoofer DSP unit
  • Behringer A500 subwoofer amplifier
  • Modified McCrypt MP-2000 front speaker amplifier
  • 55" LG 4K HDR TV
  • Philips FP260 vinyl record player
  • 80 meter 2x2.5mm² OFC kabel
  • AMD Ryzen 7 1700X based HTPC


  • Remove the dead subwoofer plate amplifier that's built into the unit
  • Make use of banana plugs on the receiver end
  • Place the wedge panels for room dampening (not really needed after all, maybe in the future)
  • Make use of a AC mains filter
  • New tweeters for my B&W DM603 S3 speakers


My home cinema system is the result of years of collecting, finetuning and making DIY stuff for it to my needs.

Though mostly done, there still remain quite some things to be done.