8 bits of bun

Oct 12 - small updates

My revived RX 550 seems to have overheating issues in zero fan rpm mode (hdmi resets every 20 secs when 0rpm mode), fixed that by disabling zero RPM mode.

My weight is now finally under 100KG thanks to be getting sick from sept 26 to oct 2, it had me lost a few kilos, and even after my recovery i am still stable at under 100KG (a bit over 98KG as of this morning). This had me delving for old pictures of when i was a chubby one from back in 2015 with well over 110KG.

And dang, does it make a difference.

It's small steps that count as one big one for me really.

Also fixed a backbone plugin i was working on for my site yesterday, and i also updated content more on some parts of this site.

With that said, this is the end for this logbook post.



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