8 bits of bun

Jun 27 - fixes and patches

So a friend found the perma links in halted projects not working, due to my own error, which should be fixed as of today.

I also made a big revision to my PC Watercool heat calculator i made long ago. Altough it is only being for a youtube user on his site as closed source implementation.

Aside from technical stuff, the heat has bought my activity levels down quite alot, but seems the drag of losing weight is still going (maybe because i gained more leg muscles by walking so much?). as i lost 0.3KG the past 2 weeks, even witout not doing much because of the heat here.

At the exact moment of writing this i am looking into what i can do to minimize my impact on mother nature. mostly with gas usage and electricity usage. (already have a induction stove, LED bulbs everywhere (aside from the lights in my kitchen)), 1450 kilowatt hour is my yearly usage based on going on with my current pattern since the start of the year (a reduction of roughly 15% over last year).

Anyhow, that should be it for this post. Bunbun logging out~

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