8 bits of bun

Jul 25 - melting mode

So to be clear: i am still busy with the last item of my privacy things since my last update on july 13, and that is progressing slowly (backup management). the rest is already done.

The weather is'nt helping that much either to help me doing lots of things, though i am planning to fix some stuff in my bedroom, mainly to make it a bit more tidy and organized.

But those 40C temps are not fun at all (luckily it hasn't gone over 28C yet). Luckily temps are going down real soon though maybe too fast (going from 40C to 25C in just 4 days will likely cause a cold for many here, so i am expecting i will be affected as well).

Aside from being lazy and all, i got around to test a dark theme of my current website template, which turned out a bit weird really. so untill i get that to look better than it does now, i am sticking to this light themed one.

Anyhow, that should be it for now.

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