8 bits of bun

Jul 13 - scary happened

So some thing happned that made me alot more woke on my privacy.

First of all: seems my HTPC looked to be compromised somehow (was apparently a UI glitch, logbooks didn't gave anything, all virus scanners said nothing detected, reboot fixed it somehow)

then a day later (today) i was talking about a new subject to me, with my phone in standby on the table, with when i opened it up, and went on a video sefrvice, i saw ads, but 90% of all ads were relevant to the subject, which i never looked for on the internet before, so apparently my voice was analyzed for sure.

Only services running were "anonymous usage stats" & "google play services" thanks to battery management active.

These events made me do several things:

1) stop using my smartphone (old nokia FTW)

2) make one of my pc's disconnected from the internet

3) start to do proper secure back up management

4) for services: use only SMS 2FA.

Very weird and scary times for privacy..

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