8 bits of bun

Jan 8 - goals for 2019

So yeah, i gained back lots of weight as it turned out my scale wasn't leveled equally on all 4 studs (causing fluctuations in measuring). I now have it sitting on a 9MM MDF sheet for more accurate measurements.

I also fixed up a Sony T1 ereader and got a white Pebble watch (kickstarter ver) in return for that!

As you might notice i overhauled the site's content, not fully satisfied yet with the theme, so i'll be fixing that soon by making my own.

Anyhow, i've set some goals for this year:

  • Be less on my phone (december 2018 it was 9hr a day, which IS too much) > hoping for < 4hr by june.
  • Getting more into gamedev (as 5hr a month isn't enough to me to fill in free time) > hoping to double it.
  • Try to be outside more (currently 10mins a day is not ok to me) > aiming for 30min a day.
  • Stop impulse purchases where possible (speaks for itself)

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