8 bits of bun

Aug 9 - bye gamedev progress

Dont you love it when you open a source code project in a updated dev environment.
And stuff breaks in front fo your face, so you end up with a pile of errors and such?

where even fixing those gives even more errors?

Yep, that's the status with my RTS game that is in development.

I might take a simpler (and brand new) approach to avoid it breaking more easily. Including oldschool topdown gfx, no fake 3D (like i have now) and some other things for simplicity of the core implementation.

Aside from that, i have put some thought into rearranging my bedroom/workspace to have a more finioshed and separated look and feel. I also plan on replacing my workstation pc by something newer. And yes, it will run linux as part of my plan to move away from my current main OS (Windows 10).



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