8 bits of bun

okt 11 - big stuff happening

So at first the windows 10 feature pack from october is quite a disaster, so much i started migrating towards linux again (used it before in 2011-2012). So far Ubuntu seems to have matured quite a bit now in general desktop performance compared to back then.

On october 10, i went to a space close to my home (Nurdspace), and became member of one of the most relaxed makerspaces in the Netherlands.

Upon return i noticed i lost my 64GB Micro USB backup drive, containing every crucial digital piece of digital stuffi  own, not only passwords, but also source codes, pictures, and some sensitive info.... 

I still have a copy of all data luckily, and was over 4 hours busy stressing before i changed all my passwords and recovery tokens.

Right now i'm like "who will find my USB and what will happen to my data?", though i'm starting to get over it.

Yes, i already contacted the space, and ofered a total of 2x2tb external storage disks if they find it, one for the makerspace, one for the finder of the USB.

Learned quite some things with this happening:

  1. don't always take your backup with it unencrypted.
  2. don't expect it'll never happen to you, it will, it's just a matter of time!
  3. use a larger device if you have to take it with you (makes it easier to find if you lose it)
  4. put a unencrypted txt file on it with your contact information in it in case you lose it.
  5. encrypt all important data by default
  6. don't e such a big buck bunny like me

Anyhow, that's it basically for now, the 8 bunbits (aka rabbyte) needs to cook now.


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