8 bits of bun

nov 12 - small updates

Stepped on the scale this morning, current weight is 101.1kg (compared to 101.6 on my previous post), quite impressed!

Just got myself a Corsair HX850w power supply for 20 bucks as well, so i can use it my my Game PC / mini Workstation instead of the Cooler master 600W one.
Regarding that pc: i just swapped it all into my modded Asus vento 811 case, took me quite some hours to get it done nicely.

Related to the game i'm working on (found in projects), so far i'm at around 55hours, with ui logic mostly working, dynamic map generation possible (only need to implement the method to change map ingame), unit placeholders are done, and some other minor things. most of the time is spent in debugging stuff as i had alot of the code laying around, but it was for a windows vista designed ide, so lots of porting was also required.

Regardring my DIY speakers: anyone interested in some parts (as i am planning to stop that hobby sadly, it just costs too much.) ?


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