8 bits of bun

june 26 - gonna move soon

So i'm gonan move in july from a 2 room appartment to a bigger 3 room one around 20 meter away, sized around 1.3x my current

one (going to 35m² from 27m²)

Already have 2/3 of all stuff packed, i don't see it as a stressfull moment, like most people do.

I am rather excited to make a fresh start in a bigger place :)

It gives me possibility to set up my home theater exactly as i want, and also have my own kitchen there, which i need, as i LOVE cooking! the only thing i share is a central washing machine.

I already measured the dimensions and modelled my current furniture in it, so stuff can be placed on te right place from the first moment, saves hassle. :)

I noticed i have 5+ moving boxes of cosplay, way more than i expected to be honest.

Though it isn't final i'll stay there, i got up to around the end of the year to decide if i'll stay or go back. (I guess this saves me the stress?)



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