8 bits of bun

dec 19 - meh days, bright future

First of all: my weight has gone up to 105-ish KG, so chubby again.

Aside from the weight issue, some other negative things happened, under which: my Geforce MX150 GPU won't exit it's sleep state somehow (error 43 in device manager, with even a fresh windows install not wanting to help). so forced to my Intel GPU (for now).

In a bit more positive news: got a free PC recently, having one of the last 3 core processors made (AMD A6 3500), which seems to crash at random though (on the pre installed Windows 7).

Even though some downfalls, i look forward and hope to get to continue being myself (but better) in 2019!

Happy (early) new easter to everybun! :P

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