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Cosplay & Events

So i do cosplay from time to time as well, started in 2011 with it, and figuring out which kind of characters i like to cosplay in the first years basically.

Once i found the kind of characters i like to cosplay, i stopped getting lots of cosplay and fucussed on perfectioning the ones that i really want to cosplay more often. this was around 2015.

I don't go to much anime cons at all (one a year is my average).

Past events i attended to:
  1. YaYcon 2011
  2. Abunai 2011
  3. YaYcon 2012
  4. Abunai 2012
  5. YaYcon 2013
  6. Abunaicon 2013
  7. Abunaicon 2014
  8. Tsunacon 2015
  9. Tsunacon 2016
  10. Animecon 2017
  11. Animecon 2018
  12. Viencon 2019

Planned events:
  1. Viencon 2020

Cosplays owning (or mostly complete)

(2017-current) Rei'sen (Touhou project)

(2017-current) Anna (Shimoneta)

Rei'sen - office version (Touhou project)

Planned cosplays (or mostly incomplete)

Hotaru (Dagashi kashi)

Koakuma (Touhou project)

Nitocris - maid version (Fate/GO)

Ringo - lunar version (Touhou project)

Gray wolf (Kemono friends)

Domestic dog - mix (Kemono friends)

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