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Cosplay & Events


It has multiple reasons, including:

  • Getting my mind out of the real world, living by a other identity, which acts to me as a sort of mindfullness.
  • I find the character designs cuter than what i see in the 'normal world' nowadays.
  • It's fun for me to do at conventions: people asking for pictures, meeting with friends, also finding new ones!

My cosplay time started in  2012, one year after my first convention after seeing many people did it.

It took me years of figuring out which kind of character designs and their personalities which i like the most for possible cosplays.

Once i found which ones i want to cosplay, i stopped getting all kinds of cosplays and focussed myself more on making my cosplays for those characters more natural and getting close to my personal 'perfection'. This was around late 2015 when that happened.

Even though i don't go to much anime cons at all, i do enjoy them (my average is around one a year).

Past events i attended:
  1. YaYcon 2011
  2. Abunaicon 2011
  3. YaYcon 2012 (first time cosplaying)
  4. Abunaicon 2012
  5. YaYcon 2013
  6. Abunaicon 2013
  7. Abunaicon 2014
  8. Tsunacon 2015
  9. Tsunacon 2016
  10. Animecon 2017
  11. Animecon 2018
  12. Viencon 2019

Cosplays I (partly) have.

Rei'sen (Touhou)

Status: complete.

Anna (Shimoneta)

Status: complete.

Reisen inaba (Touhou) - alternate outfit.

Status: in progress.

Rei'sen (Touhou) - alternate outfit.

Status: in progress.

Griselda (Lotte no omocha)

Status: in progress.

Chiester 45 (Umineko)

Status: in progress.

Planned cosplays:

Hotaru (Dagashi kashi)

Status: planned.

Koakuma (Touhou)

Status: planned.

Nitocris (Fate/GO) - alternate outfit

Status: planned.

Ringo (Touhou) - alternate outfit

Status: planned.

Domestic dog (Kemono friends)

Status: planned.

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