8 bits of bun

Updates and plans

Planned for the future:

  • Add: 'engineer' unit
  • Add: building creation through engineer
  • Add: bare minimum ai code
  • Add: unit factory
  • Add: resource system
  • Fix: make selection working with mapview move

Planned for 2020:

  • Goal: more development time
  • Add: lightweight pathfinding/movement
  • Add: basic unit commands
  • Add: unit movement through player controller
  • Plan: settle on gameconfig vars needed
  • Show: periodic update videos on LBRY
  • Fix: minimap select/drag bug issue
  • Fix: boundary issues with map width/height on move
  • Enhance: more dynamic HUD
  • Enhance: optimize core implementation further

2019 H2:

  • Fix: Investigating what went wrong in H1 2019 & learning from it.
  • Fix: fixing interface bugs
  • Enhance: optimizing draw routines
  • Enhance: improve core implementation

2019 H1:

  • Add: Initial drawcode
  • Add: basic HUD interface
  • Add 2.5D drawcode

2018 H2:

  • Plan: for gameplay elements
  • Plan: total list for initial release
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