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F.E. [game]

RTS game intended to relive to the old school real time strategy gaming.

Part of it is secret for now for all kinds of reasons, including: full game name, gameplay elements & story line.

What i can give away is that is it is a classic themed, somewhat post apocalyptic game with some sci-fi elements, with a semi-realistic story for the main campaign.

What gets me to make it happen (and keep working on it)

My ideal mix of classic RTS games.

Including, but not limited to:

  • Rusted Warfare
  • Total annihilation
  • Dune 2000
  • Ancient Conquest
  • Command & Conquer series
  • Supreme Commander
What drives me

A mix of the following:

  • To train my programming
  • To give a work of my own to others
  • To spread awareness by the campaign
    (it's plot will be a possible future outcome)
  • Killing free time

What are the goals?
  • Stable, decent core implementation
  • Runs on most recent home pc's
  • Has a decent built in campaigm
  • Not much modularity
  • Decent gameplay
  • Config options in ini files
  • Windows 10 only


Later on
  • Stable, decent and modular implementation
  • Still runs on most home pc's
  • Has a decent pre made campaign/skirmish missions
  • Ability for custom assets like units, maps and music
    and the option to create these easily
  • Lots of config options in ini files
  • Windows 10 or Linux
    Debian based: native, others: Wine.


Impression of first concept.

Long outdated, but still shows some concept elements.

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