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HTPC case design

This originally began as a alternative to the HP elitedesk 800, and made to be 3D printed.

Right now the design is far enough to show some simple renders and put up a list of what parts it support

  • CPU: 65W max TDP (with custom heatsink and fanshroud)
  • CPU heatsink height: 65MM
  • GPU length: 280mm max
  • FANS: 3x 80mm front intake
  • SSD/HDD: 3x 2.5", up to 3x 3.5" (external) bays
  • PSU: SFX full length (150mm)
  • MOBO: standard MicroATX

  1. easy to assemble
  2. easy to maintain
  3. easy to upgrade
  4. efficient, thus quiet cooling
  5. optional watercooling (3x80mm 45mm thick radiator, though this reduces max GPU length to 235mm)
  6. case dimensions: 417*347*100mm (14.47L)



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