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Antec VSK2000-U3

All 3D models designed for my Antiec VSK2000-U3 'sleeper' PC mod go in here.

The target of this mod is: create a SFF desktop PC for my appartment with near silent operation, which runs pretty cool and is quiet.

Dell BTX to AM4 adapter

Wanting to mount a cpu cooler that blows air from front to back in my antec case was impossible to find, so this gave me no other option than to fabricate one myself.

Luckily i had a BTX heatsink laying around from an old dead Dell optiplex GX 620. (which can handle around 110w max package power)

Although it won't fit out of the box regarding securing it in place, but i tested it without securing it.
Works pretty good on my downclocked Ryzen 1700x which uses up to 63W package power at cinebench R15 peak.
Keeping it at around 53C in open bench with a 92x14mm noctua fan blowing into it.

Though to guide the air through the cooler fully required me to make a airflow shroud over the heatsink as well aside from the mounting mechanism to make it run this solution cool.

A small sketchup preview of the mounting system and fan om my MSI B350M Mortar made to fit in my antec pc case:

Currently the shroud is being made at a 3D printing company so i will need to wait until it arrives before i can update this post.

to be honest i am still surprised why there are no socket AM4 coolers which work like this (2U height, front to back airflow), as it would save me quite some time spending research on designing my own variant :P

Under the same test conditions i managed to get 9C cooler compared to a Noctua NH-L9X65 SE-AM4, but it still throttles on stock settings on my 1700x after 10 minutes in prime95 small FFT.

I got to almost no throttle at 110w on my 1700x with acrtic silver 5 thermal grease. (< 200 mhz drop all core)

High performance air intake case front

The standard front has waaaay to less air intake,making me design a custom front panel as well.

Costing me around 70€ shipped to my door by shapeways, it provides enough air intake for 3x 92mm fans while looking old school as is my intention with my sleeper pc.

Picture of the result:


I also changed the power utton to a steel vandal switch, which looks pretty nice.

Also planning a internal storage caddy (3x3.5" + 1x 2.5") so this pc can be used as media pc.

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