8 bits of bun

Real subwoofer


The rumbling engine of my HT system, capable of going as low as 15HZ without issues.

Can generate local earthquakes with clean sound and unhearable distortion.

It has a 120L braced enclosure for lots of low frequencies.

Crossed at 40hz with the front, 40hz with rear, and 120hz with height speakers.


82DB @ 1 watt, 1 meter
220w rms amp (Behringer A500)
Reconed Shark XSUB12 (thanks to FixMySpeaker by PSI)
15-120hz frequency range

Additional notes:
  • Used 22mm mdf with  30x30mm wooden poles for internal braces for the enclosure.
  • 2 layers mdf 22mm mdf for the front baffle (44mm total).
  • The enclosure has sheets of 60mm thick internal dampeining along the walls.
  • Slot ported to around 15HZ, but can't go this low without changing the driver for a long throw one..
  • The current 200w integrated amplifier is completely dead.


End result photo of the finished subwoofer:

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