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Micro monitor speakers


My home designed 4" Micro monitor speakers. Targeted for ultra small size and big sound in my workspace.

It is a basic 2-way enclosure for second hand TB W4-1320SIF fullrange and Dayton ND20 rearmounted tweeters.

Crossed at around 8khz, 6db/oct



(Hor line: 10DB increments, nearfield response: 20CM)


80DB @ 1 watt, 1 meter
20W rms
6 ohm
55-20000hz frequency range
around 2.5L internal volume

Additional notes:

I used 9mm multiplex for the enclosure, and the woofer has around 8L front t-line vented enclosure tuned at ~43hz. the 3" fullrange has 2.5 liters closed to play in, i also applied 2 sheets of polyester filling for the dampening inside.

I love the sound they produce alot, they match my B&W DM603 S3 speakers very nicely

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