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Frontliner floorstands


This is a design i made quite a while after my first one, and has many revisions had regarding speaker choice, so i'll document the lastest revision only.

It is a basic 2-way enclosure for TB W3-315 and Dayton DA175-8 speakers.

Crossed at about 2,6khz this combo provides quite a calm output, it relaxes my ears, not tiring to listen to at all, and very low distortion.


The specs are rated:

60w rms
40-20000hz frequency range
88DB @ 1 watt, 1 meter

Additional notes:

I used 12mm mdf for the enclosure, and the woofer has around 17L front vented enclosure tuned at ~40hz.

The tangband 3" fullrange has 2 liters closed to play in, i also applied 2 sheets of polyester filling for the dampening inside.

Update april 15, 2018:

Compared to B&W DM603 S3 speakers i got for 125€ the FR71 towers sound too compressed though.

Thinking of giving these to someone i know. so this project is more or less the state: won't resume.

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