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April 07, 2020, 15:51


Since i have quite a long history of designing speakers for my age (started since i was around 14 back in 2007).

After i came across multiple sources on how to improve myself, i thought "why not share my experiences along the journey?"

Please note that i am not good at the finishing touch regarding looks for my speakers, hence why i only build speakers for myself and a close few people i know.

Back in the day i spent alot of time listening to a crappy radio that my brother gave me (i had the radio since i was 4 or so) and always dreamt of making big, yet loud speakers.

The thought faded away as i became older.

It was until my 12th that i learned a little wood working, and made some funny things, not that i was good, but wanted to test some things, like a speaker enclosure.

Nothing too fancy, just a plain wooden enclosure with 2 holes, 1 for the speaker, and one small one for cabling. I failed pretty much, which wasn't good for my self esteem all the way up to today. (tbh, i always ask my dad for help and assistance, i'm so gratefull to have him!)

From my 14th i began developing skills in how to design enclosures using existing designs. Which was mostly trial and error (not that is has changed much right now).

It was until my 16th year that i decided that i wanted a pair of subwoofers that can get louder than i imagined, which i designed a bit around the Logitech Z5500 design. (Some old videos may be found on my old YT channel: Schepers12)

Anyhow, after all these years of trial and error, i got more skills on designing, and spent multiple sheets of MDF on projects i still use today the day. (poor trees though.)


In here you can find my various speaker designs i did in the past, as well as info and build plans for some of my newer projects.

Note that i don't have plans to continue working on this hobby (explained in blog post of nov 12 2018).


Some speakers i made over the years: