8 bits of bun

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July 31, 2020, 13:27



Just some of the songs i made throughout the years.

I am on soundcloud under the artist name: Repulzer (see Contact me)


Sp4ce: (hardstyle)

Summer night: (hardstyle)

Summer night: (piano ver)

Hell of a kitten: (hardstyle)

Think again: (hardstyle)

Harder: (UK hardcore)

0v3rl04d: (hardstyle)

Dream away: (trancy relax music)



Headhunterz & Subzero Project - our church (8bit-bun remake)

The pitcher - the rising (8bit-bun remake)

Rebourne - field of dreams (8bit-bun remake)

Max enforcer - you & i (8bit-bun remake)

Brennan heart - We come and go (8bit-bun remake)

Sound FX



Movie preroll intro

All audio files above are licensed under: Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0) to: 8bit-bun.nl


Exceptions are the songs in "Remakes", as other artists inspired me to recreate their songs with my musical flavour added.