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Last update:
July 01, 2020, 17:24

3D designs

I do some 3D modelling at times, usually for fun.

Most things i design are for my projects, where some other 3D designs are for interiors for others as well.

Sometimes i do a render of my 3D interiors as well.

Things also include designs made into reality, by 3D printing.

Small Form Factor PC

Case design for my home theater PC, inspired by the Xbox one S. Still having some minor issues.


I found out that when i moved, i wasn't happy with the built in kitchen, like which architext puts the stove between the edge of the workspace and the washing basin? I remodelled alot, and came to conclusion that with just 60cm extra width i can create a really nice kitchen, custom made to fit nicely.

Sample interior

This started as a presentation for a pair of my latest WIP speaker system. But once i added more and more to the design, it simply turned out more like a interior design.



Dayton ND140 speaker

This originally began as another speaker project, but i have put so much detail in it right now that i made a 3D model of the Dayton Audio ND140 speaker.


HTPC case design

This originally began as a alternative to the HP elitedesk 800, and made to be 3D printed.

Rabi coin

This started as a brainstorm on how to support the game "Rabi-Ribi" game. It turned out pretty nice, and i even ordered a 3D print and have the coin in my wallet out of respect for the game developers of that game.

Antec VSK2000-U3 airflow front

The standard front of the Antec VSK2000-U3 has way to less air intake for most uses, so i designed a custom one to allow much more air intake in a sleeper style design.

Concept MicroATX (server) PC case

My personal take on a Micro ATX server pc case for my own. Intended for 2 dual slot graphics cards, CPU with integrated graphics, 3 rows of 2.5" drive supports (max 20mm height), SFX-L power supply, 2x140mm fans in a airtunnel-like airflow design and a maximum of 309MM height.