8 bits of bun



I'm a dutch person who is rather easygoing, and like to help others where i can.

I'm into lots of different activities, like: Cosplay, Programming & PC building (full list in: Hobbies)


At a weekly base i do volunteering work at one place, just to keep me busy.

Although sometimes i spend entire days in a row working on my hobbies/interests, whatever fits me best regarding my mood.

I'm also happy to be a member of NurdSpace.

Some projects by me

3D printed Xbox One S sized PC.
Render made of the internals .

3D printed Xbox One S sized PC.
Picture is of the result.

3D printed micro
surround speakers.

HT subwoofer
hitting flat to 15HZ.

3D printed coin for the game: RabiRibi.
Printed at shapeways in gold polish brass.

Half ghost speakers for
my workspace.

2.5D sprite design for a tank i made.
Initially intended for my RTS game.

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