8 bits of bun

8 bits of bun

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January 20, 2021, 17:31


Who am i?

I'm Ramon, a Dutch person who is rather easygoing in general, and liking to help others where possible.

I'm born in 1993 in the Netherlands and have a passion for enjoying music and movies.

What do i do?

I like doing different kinds of things to keep me busy, including: Cosplay, Programming & PC building.

I do these things not just to gain knowledge myself, but also want to eventually share my knowledge and help others where i can on my hobbies.

Sometimes i end up spending days in a row busy on a single hobby, where other days i switch every few hours between my hobbies.

I'm also proud to be a member of NurdSpace since late 2018.

Some of my projects

3D printed Xbox One S sized PC.

Render of the internal layout.

3D printed Xbox One S sized PC.

Picture of the finished build.

3D printed micro speakers.

With passive radiators.

"Lunar bass". Subwoofer

Going down to 15Hz flat.

3D printed coin for the game: RabiRibi.

Professionally printed in gold polish brass.

2.5D layered tank sprite.

Intended for a RTS game.

Half-ghost speakers.

Transparent sound for little cash.