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Phantom sense

This page will log my over time change in Phansom sense/touch in gaming, and i hope to one day to make this page into a nicely extended, and organized document. Untill then, progress will be logged in here.

Initial start

So since august of 2020 I have noticed that when playing VRChat i managed to start to feel situations (like when there's a relaxed mood or stressed mood among others) by the way people act ingame (without voice).

But on september 28th in the evening when someone headpatted me for 10 minutes in VRChat, it actually had the same cozy feeling in my mind and expression (a content smile) which normally only happens with it happening in real life.

I am happy i "felt" the effect of being headpat. As it has been too long i had that feeling due to the lockdown stuff caused by the pandemic in 2020.

I am still confused about it, even though i know it's not uncommon for people to experience such things after looking up some info on the matter. the thing that confuses me the most is that it happened to me being in desktop mode on VRChat (albeit being rather close to my monitor to maximize the immersion), which is a bit unusual to my knowledge.

After that period i didnt really feel much, due to me not being as immersed

Until on the december christmas period i did the same with view distance from the same monitor (being close to it: eyes 20cm from my 22" panel), it happened again.

So i am being sure it is related to the amount of immersion i experience, and this makes me curious, yet nervous for when i get a VR headset.

I know it will likely intensife the feelings, but to what degree? Will it include phantom pain too? questions i cannot answer now.

Update as of april 18, 2021:

I am still running vrchat in desktop mode, yet i have the feeling i am slowly getting more sensitive to my phantom sense. It's also expanding to more areas and not just headpats, but stuff like being booped on the nose affect me aswell now. It feels like i have been infected by the phantom sense 'bug' for real. I like it as it will enhance my immersion once i get a VR headset.

Update as of july 1st, 2021:

With me one month into VR (valve index), i noticed my phantom sense increased almost instantly, and not by a tiny bit. While i am mostly ok with this, there are some scenarios in which i would love if i didn't have phantom sense, as i do have some very slight aspects of experiencing pain aswell.


A description from my point of view

To explain the thing happening in a basic sense: the brain has some inputs of what happens (vision, sound), but misses some of the inputs (like actually being touched). It can fill the missing inputs by itself, allowing the same experience to happen still in one's mind. There is another, yet similar concept though, which is phantom pain. Of which the name reveals what it's about and i hope i don't develop that ability though (for obvious reasons)

An other form of this is people who for example miss a limb can sometimes still feel the limb being there when something passes in the area it should be in.

More info
  • If anyone wants to have a bit info on the matter: I did some searching on the internet and the best way to describe it, it might be somewhat related to Mirror-touch synesthesia ( see: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mirror-touch_synesthesia )
  • Also, credit where credit is due: A video by the youtuber Spoctor on phantom touch (link, timestamp 6:30 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LRJ63hkglGs ) which helped me alot in my little dive and being able to explain what it is and such.
  • A video i found on january 1st, 2021, which is giving much insight in the matter of phantom touch and similar things, by Phia: https://youtu.be/vSTNKnl6HvE